Thursday, 12 June 2008

Maya turns 1!

On June 8th our baby turned one year old. I remember someone saying to me that I would cry....and I thought at the time, no way. But I did. Alot. Time has gone so quickly and I can't imagine where it all went. I also remember someone telling me 'you cannot imagine the intensity of love you will feel for you child, it is like nothing else on this earth.' And, well, it is true. Everyday we fall more and more in love with her- even when she is not the pure joy of light you see above. And believe me- she has her moments, well, days, really.

I thought I would just comment on the above photos, seeing as how I cannot seem to work out how to give them captions.

First- is well, Maya eating, a sight to behold. She eats everything. With gusto and since turning one, has decided she can feed herself Oh, the joy.

Second- We rented a house in Gower, Wales for Maya's first and here she is peeking around the corner, reaching out for the camera; she loves the camera.

Third- The big day. We decided to make her a big breakfast and then go to the beach, but since a picture with the cake is the ubiquitous one to have, Paul made her a Welsh cake with Strawberries and Cream on top. We have since found out she is allergic to all things cow, so it was her last cream for a while. Anyone know of a non dairy whipped cream in the UK??? I can't stand the thought of strawberries and cream without the cream for her!

Fourth- Maya loves flowers and tries to eat them all. We are trying to teach her to not eat things that grow outside; but, it is hard, seeing as how we are growing tomatoes, squash, green beans, cucumber and zucchini all on our porch. Child rearing seems to be one big dichotomy.

Fifth- Paul was being artistic and this one turned out to show a perfect smile from her. She just loves to laugh and has adopted a sort of 'woody woodpecker' one. In fact, we went to the pub in Wales and she had a whole table of Welsh builders laughing with her for about 10 minutes. Scary preview of things to come.

Sixth- We took tons of walks in Wales and it was such a beautiful place. Maya still loves being carried like the queen of the Nile. We have deemed ourselves 'minion 1' & 'minion 2'. Paul is minion 1.

Seventh- Another walk in Gower, Wales-notice the castle on the hill? They are everywhere in Wales.

Eighth- Maya on the beach on her b-day. It was too cold for swimming but we had a good picnic and she kept her hat on the whole time.

Ninth- As I said, she is not too fond of wearing hats, but with her fair skin, it is a must. This one was taken on the beach at 3 Cliffs Bay, an awesome spot.

So - just a few, as you can imagine....we have thousands of shots of her.

As for us, well, we are good. Tired, but good. Summer is a good one and the garden looks gorgeous. Maya wants to eat the lavender and the herbs- so at least she knows to stay away from the other flowers. We hope. My classes are going well and Paul is going to his new office everyday. Well, not Thursdays, though, he has attempted to take Maya to work with him. He won't being trying that again.

We are looking forward to a visit very soon from my sister, AnnaKate. And hopefully, Carla. My parents say they are coming, but one never knows with Katy and James. Anyone else interested? We would love to see you. Love and light, Katherine

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