Monday, 21 April 2008

It's spring! Thank the Lord!

Well it has been along time since our last post...and I must admit March was not a good month here in the Mill House, but the ides of March has passed and we are much happier here in the month of April.

We lost a dear friend the 9th of March- Paul's' best friend from childhood took his own life suddenly and without any warning. We were left shocked and saddened by it all. And then Maya and I both fell ill with some terribly resistant cough/cold flu bug. Our house was one of sadness and sickness for a month. About the only good news to report is the fact the Wales Rugby won the 6 Nations (and for your non-brits, that is something akin to the Texas/OU or Texas/Texas A&M rival)! But then April came and trust me, it was welcomed with open arms.

The 1st day of April brought the birth of Maya's new cousin, Charles Matthew Agee. My sister Madison was a star and little Charlie is thriving on mother's milk and enjoying keeping his parents up at night. I am set to go over to Tennessee to meet my little nephew in two weeks time and Maya will have a long weekend with Daddy! She does love her Thursdays with Daddy, so a few more days should be just fine.

We also had a visitor, my cousin Jane came to see us and luckily, as you can see from the photos above, the 1st week she was here- the weather was perfect. The tulips are out and the sun was shining; however, the last weekend she was here it turned dull,cold, grey and rainy. Maya acted as if Jane was an old friend, and it was so nice to have another hand on deck to help with Maya.

Maya is growing and growing. She is 100%+ on height after her 9 month check up- and 75% on weight. She is already in 12-18 month clothes and it seems with the amount of blueberries, apricots, bananas, lentils, potatoes, black beans, rice, eggs, veggie sausages, and yogurt she eats, the growing will not subside anytime soon. (those are just a few of her favorites.) She is turning into a perfect little actress and comedienne. She can walk with the aid of her little walker, and it has prompted us to buy her her 1st pair of shoes. Very cute. I would wager a bet that by the time I get back from Tennessee she will be is such a scary thing to watch the taking their first few steps. She just needs some confidence and then we are away. And to be honest...I am a little scared. I have a feeling she will be into everything.

Paul is doing well and has opened a new office for his company. So he no longer works from home! It is a very good thing for all involved and the space is perfect for their work. Spring/summer is looking to be as busy as every and Maya is getting used to not having him around as much. But like I said, Thursdays are Daddy days and she loves it!!!!

As for me, I am working on Thursdays teaching yoga and it is all going very well. I am just ready for the weather to warm up so Maya and I can start cycling everywhere. I must admit, that as much as i want to go meet my nephew and help Madison and Charles, I am dreading leaving Maya for so long. It will be a tough one for me, I doubt she will even notice. But I am so in love with her, she just breaks my heart every day with her smile.

So, if you fancy a trip over the pond, or want a weekend in the country, we'd love to see you. We miss you all and send you all of our love.

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