Sunday, 21 October 2007

Gurus, Great food, and visitations

Sorry - it has been sooooo long since we have updated. The entire month of September and October so far has seen visitors come from Australia, Germany, India, London and Texas. One of my best friends, Michele and her new partner, came all the way from Australia, via Germany to see Maya and let us meet her new man Chris, who is such a wonderful person. We all headed down to Devon to see Anna and her new man, Graham. Looks like all the girls from Troncones finally have some good love in their life. We spent the weekend walking in the gorgeous Devon countryside and preparing majorly amazing meals. It was so nice to see Maya in a different environment and with so many new faces. She loved it, and slept like a dream while in Anna's house!

The next week saw Sri Ramaswami visiting us with Debbie. Ramaswami was here in the UK teaching two weekends in Scotland and London. He stayed with us for the week in-between and was completely captivated by Maya. She wakes up with a smile for everyone in the house. He also was witness to her first taste of solid food. In India, the first bite is a very important ceremony- with the whole family present. So, for him it was very special to witness. Mom also got some very good and private yoga lessons with him. By the way, little miss is very fond of apples with rice cereal and some sweet potatoe on the side. Not too fond of zucchini/courgettes but carrots are slipping in there. She had absolutely no problem eating the whole bowl. Looks like we timed it well! Although, she has not dropped a breastfeeding session during the day at all. So, hence the fact she is wearing 6-9 month clothing at 4.5 months. Little miss piggy.

Next - we had the lovely Alice come up from london - bringing her own blend of sunshine. Maya was really smily and loved having chats with her. I am sure there will be some future chats between those two. After Alice, Aunt Jane and Uncle Wes from TX (uncle wes really isnt from texas, but he claims to be all the time) made a brief visit after attending a wedding in Denmark. I did not change a nappy/diaper the whole time. They did not have much time, but I suspect they will return. They too, think she is a little special.

And now, we have Beej (my former neighbor from zihuatanjeo who is in boarding school up the road from us). He seems quite taken with her.

Maya eyes have turned a very deep blue. As you can see from the photo...she has become so interactive and responsive. We fall in love with her more and more each day.

I have returned to teaching and it was very very good to get back to some sort of life. Paul has finished the biggest job of his career and is now at home more, which is nice. Catching up on some much needed admin.

We are headed to Texas in two weeks time to see just about everyone. We have to fly internationally with a 4.5 month old, but luckily she is still breastfeeding. Paul and I are so ready to have a vacation- but most of all we are so ready for Maya to meet the US contingency. We cant wait to see all of you and for you to meet her...she is so good and so smily. Hopefully, she (and her parents) will survive her 1st of many flights to the USA.

All our love, Kat, Paul and Maya