Friday, 28 December 2007

Maya goes to Texas (and TN) !! And her 1st Christmas!

Sorry for the delay, we have been quite busy. On 5th of November we flew to Houston with Maya for her 1st of many transatlantic trips. She was a wonderful passenger and charmed all the air hostesses and hosts. Once we landed it was non-stop visiting. First and foremost was Mimi, my grandmother, who was responsible for our visit, she wanted to meet her first great grandchild. As you can see from the joy on her face, it was a memorable moment. Maya slept in a few different rooms and woke up to a few different houses. But, she took it all in stride like the little trooper she is. Tio and Tia (Matt and Jennifer) threw us a bbq in Autin along with fellow honoree- MIKE LEE. Maya was not too sure what to make of her 1st texas bbq, standing around outside in a carport next to a bbq pit and many coolers of beer, but she went to bed early and her Mom and Dad got to enjoy it all. Then, she got to meet all her aunts and uncles over Thanksgiving at Madison and Charles's pad in Nashville. She seemed to survive all the attention and I think Madison will have us back. Maya also got to meet some cousins and some great Aunts too! All in all - it was a wonderful visit, but as always, too short and we could not meet everyone. We promise to try to see everyone else when we come back!

As for Paul and I- it was a blessing to watch everyone else fall in love with her. We are obviously head over heels with her, but to see my family and friends fall in love with her too- was special, to say the least. It was also nice for us to have some time to ourselves and leave Maya with my mom. For some reason she seemed to keep reminding of us of things we said we needed to do!

On returning to Britain, we discovered to horror that is jet lag in a 6 month old baby. It was rather difficult to say the least. The icing on the cake was - being the depths of winter- there was noooo sunlight to help Maya know what time it actualy was. We finally got her down to bed before 11 pm after the 2nd week and then she starting cutting her first tooth! Needless to say, the month of December was a write off due to all the sleepless nights. But x-mas has now come and gone and we have come back to some sense of normalacy in the Mill House.

It is cold and dreary - but we get out for walks(the picture of us on our Boxing day walk) Maya loves to be outside. Texas was really good for that.

Paul is back to work and 2008 poses to be a very good year for his business. I will start teaching again in mid - january. So all is pretty much back on schedule.
We miss you all terribly. And hope that you can come and visit.

All our love- Kat, Paul and Maya