Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Maya gets her head wet!

There is a tradition in Britain to invite friends and family over to meet the new baby and raise your glass to the little one. It is something like a 'sip and see' that they have in the South. So we had one for Maya, finally. (yes-we are a bit slow on getting it together!) We wetted her head with champagne and our local brew, Butcombe Gold. We had lots of babies come and friends, and here are just a few photos from the party....

All in all Maya is rather perfect. She is sleeping alot, and thru the night! She does eat quite a bit, as you can see from her photos, she is not starving. She loves to lay on her playmat and is starting to reach for her toys and kick so much she looks like she is really pissed off, yet she is giggling the whole time.

We took our first family trip to the beach in Wales and it was rather fitting that Maya see the waters of her father's home country- ( a little history lesson- the Welsh are not a part of the England and Wales is its own country!) She slept in her moses basket and was very very good. Huw - our friend we stayed with, was mightily impressed. Her first glimpse of the sea was off the coast of Wales into the Bristol Channel, beautiful and cold! But I braved the waters and went for a swim, but Maya would have turned blue- I am sure.

The next few months will be busy - Dad is working hard and is away often. We also have lots of visitors turning up in the next few weeks- Captain Robert from Mexico, Gert and Sandra from Belgium, Michele from Australia and Great Jane and Great Uncle Wes from Texas...and we will be making the journey to Texas real soon, we just need to sort out Maya's passport- it is not easy being an American living abroad these days. Hopefully, things will be easier in the future, but somehow I doubt it.

We hope you are all well and happy....and we truly hope to see you soon!!! All our love, kat, paul and maya