Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The dreary summer of 2008- but a still happy Maya!

Well - I cannot believe that summer just came and went. It was awful, and we now believe- wholeheartedly -in global warming, as we felt the effect of it this summer, cold, dreary, rainy and grey. A bit like winter really but not as cold. God, I sound so British, I just go on and on about the weather. Sorry, I still hold Texas in my heart for many reasons other than sun.

I really have no excuse for not posting other than the fact that Maya learned to walk, well, run really.(July 21st, she just up and went) And that has changed the whole picture. Maya has had so much fun despite the lack of sun. She started the summer traveling over to the other side of the country, about 5 hours in the car, and she was a real trooper. We also went to the Harbour festival in Bristol and Maya spent the night on Nanna and Papa's boat!!!!! She has been to a manor house party - tht is the picture above of her in the car with all the boys. She loves to play in cars and it is not pretty when you take her out. She also is OBSESSED with motorcycles, just like her father. We spend alot of time in her new silver cowboy boots - thanks Aunt Jane & Grace. She walks in them every morning, and boots and shoes are her two favorite words to say. Maya contiues to amaze us with a new word everyday and a new little discovery. Her newest and one of which I am most proud, is 'I pooped.' For those of you who are not aware, Paul and I chose to take the 'save the world' approach to parenting and wash her diapers/nappies. Yes that is right, we wash them, instead of disposing of them in the garbage. Needless to say, we have begrudged our decision many times as Maya is very, very good at expelling her bowels. We have perservered, but, her showing the signs of knowing and realizing she is actually befowling her nether-regions deem well for potty training. I am not one to rush things or push her to anything, but let's just say she has her own little potty next to ours.

Christian came over from Mexico with his beautiful lady, esperanza, and we had a wonderful time. Maya really took to them both and I think had a small crush on Chris, but then he has always had a way with the ladies.

My mom and dad finally got to come and spend some time with her and I think they fell in love a little more. She loves her 'big momma' and 'big daddy' and I am still de-programming her from thinking she is the center of the universe. Although, she really is.

She still loves to go for walks and now demands to get down from the back pack or out of the stroller/buggy for some exercise of her own. I find it does tire her out! Autumn has allowed us some good weekend weather so we have gone out and seen some cows and sheep and horses. Luckily, we live in a beautiful part of the UK and Maya gets to walk everyday to the farm shop and see lots of animals. She is a fan of sheep at the moment.

Paul is as busy as ever, and we did not see him too much this summer. But he tries his best to be home for bath and story time with Maya & she get really confused when I do it instead.

The good news is we are headed to texas/mexico for the x-mas/january for a much needed vacation for Paul. Like I say, he has been very very busy and will need to chill out eating in Texas and soaking up some rays in Mexico.

As for me, I am still teaching in the evening and loving yoga still. I am going to a retreat in November and hosting another one myself. Now - if Maya would only go to the nursery at the gym so I could get back to swimming, all would be well. We cross our bridges as they come.

We miss you all so much and cannot wait for you to meet 'toddler Maya'. As I mentioned before, we are headed back and hope to see all of you.....love and light, katherine

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Maggie David said...

Her love for the car is soo obvious in the pics! She looks like having so much fun in the car. The laughter is infectious!