Monday, 2 March 2009

Maya went to Texas, Mexico and all she got was-

SOOOOOO..we are back and recovered fully from our jet lag, back into the swing of things in the UK. First, let me say we are very sorry that we did not get to see all of you whilst we were in Texas and Mexico. And second, thank you to all who made time and effort to come and see us, we loved seeing you!

The flight over was a good as could be expected and her adjustment to Texas time was relatively easy. She went to visit alot of folks and we spent so much time in the car, as you do in Texas. We pushed her little limits, but- all in all, I have to say that Maya proves, once again, to be a very good traveler.

It was so wonderful for me to see her with friends and family. She made some new friends and saw some old ones too. It is such a good feeling to know the generations of cousins will keep going...she and my sister's son, Charlie, will have a long future of Chirstmas's together I am sure. My family was all together for the 1st time in 6 years. It was very special and a huge effort on my mom's part, So THANK YOU KATY! 11 people and 5 dogs- 4 of which are HUGE. Needless to say, Maya loves a crowd and big dogs now. We spent New Year's Eve in Galveston with one of my best friends Wendy and her new family. And that was fantastic. Then, we traveled up to Austin to spend some time with Uncle Matt (Tio) and Aunt Jennifer (Tia). Seeing old friends, eating fajitas outside and just catching up with everyone seemed to be the order of the day. Maya got to go and feed some cows, drive around in a very big truck and eat lots of food, the order of the day in Texas. Mommy and Daddy were right there with her - every step of the way, well, with a beer in hand.

Then it was off to Mexico and sooooo needed. We had a wonderful time. As you can see from the photos above, like myself, Maya is a true little beach bunny. She now says, 'beach -clothes off' everytime she sees a picture of the beach now. There is nothing like just building sandcastles with your baby and watching the sun set every night. Magic. While in Mexico, Paul became someone's saviour. He rescued and helped the man in the above photo,Angelo. This wonderful Italian man was spending his holiday in Mexico and went for a swim, as you do - in the grand Pacific. Well, that day was a big one and one gigantic wave found him threw him around to hard and too much. Luckily, Paul is well versed with back/neck injuries and helped him thru the ordeal. We had to wait to for 2.5 hours for the ambulance to come out the Troncones, and needless to say, Eva was not happy at all, but that is a different story. Anyway, Angelo survivied and we have a new friend. The next posting you see might just be Maya in Italy.

We missed our family and friends here in the UK so much, it is good to be back. Maya will be 2 soon, the time just flies as they say. I am loving every day with her and cherish every new word and every new discovery. Well, not the 'NO's and the 'MINE's' but she is turning into a happy little person who always wants to make you laugh. She is a true little explorer on her own and I think that her confidence just soared from this trip. She loves a little adventure. Hmm, I wonder where she gets it from....

Love and light to all, Kat, Paul and Maya.

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Asia Piotrek i Tosia said...

Dear Maya! Happy Birthday! All the best from Asia, Piotrek & Tosia xxx